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Fincycling, not a publicity stunt (1/4/2015) - ʺJust over a year ago Marko Vauhkonen contacted me and asked if I wanted to be involved in a new project that aimed to develop Finnish cycling talent, called Fincycling. The first thought I had after this phone call was … Jatka lukemista
Cycling in Scandinavia (8/20/2014) - Bright future for cycling in Scandinavia Jatka lukemista
Year 2014 Year 2014 (8/12/2014) - Looking back to the first half of the season 2014. Jatka lukemista
FINCYCLING EUROSPORTILLA (6/23/2014) - Fincycling Eurosportilla / Fincycling on the Eurosport. Jatka lukemista
INSIDE TEAMCAR (6/11/2014) - Ever wondered what happens in team car during the race? Check this video for an inside view.